Is the galaxy currently stressing you out? Still sad about Han's death? Your force feeling out of wack? Well, time to get centered, focused and ready to defeat your own personal dark side. Everyone's favorite Wookie makes it easy for anyone to align their chakras (Root chakra is located on his tail bone on back). Based on the original "Chewbakra" watercolor this 3" handmade mini resin figure comes complete with drilled-in gems. Limited Edition of 25. Comes with free 5x7 print. Free? Yes, free. How's that for karma? Namaste-yay!

- Limited Edition of 25
- White Resin
- Seven drilled and inserted gems
- Size 3"H x 2.25"W x 1.5"D
- Weight 1.8 oz
- 5" x 7" (print)

WARNING: NON-UV coated, so keep out of sunlight to avoid yellowing.

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