Microphone check, one, two, what is this? It's the extremely limited edition MC-D2 Droid! Now, THIS is the droid you've been looking for. A must have for every MC needing some technical assistance.

Comes with MC-D2 chrome sticker and original design blue-print.

Only 50 made.

NOTE: These units are hand painted and hand assembled. Due to this, there is some slight blemishes on the chrome but overall in perfect shape and definitely a one-of-a-kind vinyl toy. Still shiny. Still bad ass.

- VUM chrome body
- painted leg details
- MC-D2 logo on back
- sweet German shoes
- head projector for spying on sucka MCs
- front body details because this droid is classy
- RC signature on back foot
- legs (not feet) rotate so you can get the perfect balance/stance. 
- pliable legs so you can bend accordingly
- vinyl material
- 5" x 3.5" x 3" 
- weighs 3.5oz

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