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DIRECTOR + Designer

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ROMAN CORTEZ is a Los Angeles-based Creative Director whose easygoing and fun-loving attitude is expressed boldly through his work. More than a triple threat, he’s a true creative powerhouse with advanced skills in video directing, EDITING, writing, producing, product design, photography and illustration. His knowledge and expertise have given him the opportunity to work with a myriad of premier brands including Mattel, Disney, SPINMASTER, Jakks PacifiC, FANDANGO, LOOT CRATE and island DEF JAM.

Currently, he is working towards making his first feature film aspirations come to fruition in 2018 with "Hey Mr. DJ" -  an independent film about record crates, mix tapes, graffiti, dance crews, dj battles and a Toyota Van (circa 1991).

Concurrently, he is working on his first documentary "CON-ARTISTS" which focuses on artists during the yearly art convention - DesignerCon.